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Henry Wirgin) said: "So you have wasted time on your own construction in my prototyping workshop?! It was not until that moment, that Wirgin told his chief engineer that he had already decided to end camera production and photo equipment business.Looking for new employment, Waaske presented his compact camera to Ludwig Leitz and to Kodak, but to no avail.The Rollei 35 is a 35mm miniature viewfinder camera built by Rollei.

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Filled with enthusiasm, Peesel decided that the camera should immediately be further developed by Waaske for mass production, but, using only parts of Rollei's suppliers. Whether to use either a photovoltaic selenium sensor or a Cd S photoresistor, was finally decided in August in favour of the Cd S.

Waaske's little camera was presented at photokina in 1966 as Rollei 35, with a better lens – the Zeiss Tessar 3.5/40mm lens, a state-of-the-art Gossen The camera had to be converted to use parts from Rollei's suppliers, as Rollei did not maintain business relations with Metrawatt and Steinheil. Gossen named the same measuring range for both solutions.

Many initiatives which were undertaken through this council have been adopted into laws or sublegal acts.

The Arbitration Center, within the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, has been established the intent of improving the business climate in the country, through making arbitration an available of- court mechanism for settling disputes of commercial character, arising from business The center has its procedural framework, namely, the Arbitration Rules and the List of Arbitrators which composed of local and foreign legal experts and practitioners, as well as experts of other fields.

The shutter controlling clockworks were mounted unmovable in the camera body, while the shutter lamellas were mounted in the movable sliding tube.

The separate parts were mechanically coupled by shafts.

A selenium-cell powered light meter was cheaper in production and did not need a battery.

However, the much smaller Cd S-photoresistor improved the stylish look of the camera, the battery powered light-meter was more shock-resistant, and the "Cd S technology" could be used as a selling point in advertising.

The Rollei 35 was manufactured by DHW Fototechnik up to 2015, the successor of Franke & Heidecke as small-batch production.


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