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Each time you open a Power Point presentation that is linked to another Microsoft Office product, such as Excel or Word, you will be prompted to update the links in the presentation file.If you trust the source of the presentation, then choose to update the links.

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Have you come across the feature which enables you to link your Excel workbook directly into your Power Point presentation?

When you use this feature, the presentation changes automatically each time your workbook changes. The process of linking an Excel document to a Power Point presentation is pretty straightforward.

All links to other documents will be updated with any new changes.

If you choose the Cancel option in this dialog box, the presentation will still open, but any new information contained in linked files, such as an Excel chart, will not be updated.

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Simply copy a range from Excel (The pasted image will now be linked to Excel.

If the Excel file and Power Point presentation are both open any changes will update automatically.

The following options are then provided: In order for a document to be updated, Q needs to know that you wish to export to that document.

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