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But I wonder if the obituary made a mistake and Ziegler was really an SP watch inspector. I used that watch for a few years until one day I banged my watch pocket really hard on the side of a car.There was no external damage evident but something broke inside as it stopped working.

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He watched in amazement as the jeweler took the face off replaced the crystal and pulled out the lever to set it. Later I purchased a Gold Seiko that had a day and date in the face, also railroad approved.

Of course, he didn't say a word, I just put it back in my pocket and left. The silver one I gave to a son-in-law years ago but I wear the gold one to this day. As a matter of fact, I just got it back from Seiko Mahwah, NJ.

Thought some of the folks on here might be interested about some watches.

When I hired out in engine service on the SP in April 1969 , I had to get a railroad approved watch.

Founded in 1870 in Springfield, Illinois, the Illinois Watch Company sold its first watch movement under the name Springfield Watch Company in 1872. The inaugural model was the Stuart, followed by the Mason, the Miller, the Currier, and finally the Bunn Special, a railroad watch that would become a cornerstone of the Illinois pocket-watch lines.

Most of these early pocket watches were key-wound,...

15 years later I heard through the grapevine his brother, also a conductor, had been up set that he didn't get the watch.

I knew this guy, he was retired too ,and he would come to town once a month.

Well, the purveyor was Scolaries, across from the depot at 3rd & Townsend.

They were "Railroad Approved" for new and used watches and had payroll deduction.

I called him and said to give me call the next time in and I would meet him. I gave him a hug and handed him his brothers watch. I will offer a tip to anyone out there that may not know about railroad pocket watches.


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