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In this more relaxed environment, daters can talk to a variety of people at once and are not immediately confronted with having to interact on the spot.They can control what they say, the information and the pictures they provide, and to some extent, whom they are with.

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Warburton has had several dating experiences with girls that she has met at nightclubs, but still offers concerns about meeting people you are unfamiliar with.

"The club scene is a great place to pick someone up if you just want a one night stand or anything to that effect," Warburton said.

'Dating online is fun and in many cases, effective.' At the Web site, author Jessica Mc Farlane gives some sound advice to make online dating safe. are panels, it is when the community of gay people come to a classroom and introduce themselves and talk about their lives, students can ask the panelists anything," Mugrauer said. "Many of them remain 'in the closet' perhaps in fear. Conclusion It can be hard for homosexuals to find their scene and meet new people, but the opportunities are out there.

"The Internet is an increasingly popular dating service, several years ago, people that that dating online was strange and unheard of, but not anymore," Mc Farlane wrote. "We also spread diversity, acceptance and understanding. It can be hard for homosexuals to find their scene and meet new people, but the opportunities are out there, if you just know where to look.

"I met my last ex online and few other people all on actually." "I have used the dating services at and, I have found friends there because I think it would be beneficial to have more homosexual friends so I have more people I can relate and understand," Buscetta said.

"Intelligence and a great personality are important, but our initial attraction usually has more to do with how a person looks.

The club scene tends to be a place for more of immediate action." "The clubs tend to be the same no matter what city you go to," Buscetta said.

"It basically has a large dance area, a DJ section, maybe one or two other small dance areas featuring different types of music, and a few bar areas to purchase drinks and to socialize." Meredith Warburton is a junior Hospitality Management Business Administration major at Johnson and Wales University.

When asked about her experiences with online dating, Mugrauer said, "I feel it's a lot easier and better.

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