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If you are serious about finding love or a wife, FILIPINAS (they say) make the BEST wives. But finding the right one for you takes a long time with luck, just like any other dating site.

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The closest nations to the south are Malaysia and Indonesia. Because the country is volcanic, the small islands have a mountainous center with coastal plains.

Vietnam and China are the nearest neighbors on the mainland of Asia. Luzon has a broad central valley in the northern provinces along the Cagayan River and plains in the midlands near Manila, the capital. Northern Luzon has two major mountain ranges: the Sierra Madres on the eastern coast and the Cordilleras in the center.

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If you are involved in the online dating scene and considering trying to court a Filipina girl friend then you should read this before you proceed.

Before his trips, Lynch communicated online with individuals in the Philippines in order to locate children to sexually exploit.

Lynch reportedly produced child pornography of at least three Filipino children on these visits. He was arrested in San Francisco attempting to board a flight to the Philippines in December 2016.

The Filipino dating sites are infested with gold diggers and scammers.

While all dating sites have them, Filipino/foreigner dating sites have A LOT more than average.

Lynch traveled to the Philippines regularly between 20 to have sex with children, according to testimony and evidence presented at trial.

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