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The Baseball Hall of Famer broke the sport's color barrier on April 15, 1947.

Rose will join team statues of Joe Nuxhall, Frank Robinson, Ernie Lombardi, Ted Kluszewski, Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan and Tony Perez.

Former Big Red Machine teammates scheduled to appear include Bench, Morgan, Perez, Jack Billingham, Dave Concepcion, Doug Flynn, George Foster and Ken Griffey Sr., the Reds announced Friday.

“They all have big dreams, and not many people have believed in them or taken them seriously, but we can learn so much from them if we just listen.

“What makes Edmonton so rich and unique is its diversity,” Abboud concludes.

The cap is specially padded and helped protect Robinson from beanballs.

Robinson won Rookie of the Year that season and was hit by a pitch nine times, according to Baseball Reference.

“I believe it is a great thing to have an organization that can truly help newcomers and give them all the support possible.

When my family and I were new to Canada, there was not much of a support system in place for newcomers,” notes Zein. Edmontonians respect and accept the ethnic mosaic that makes up this great country.” Immigration has proven to be crucial to Edmonton’s economic environment, too.

Zein explains, “Immigrants are 30 per cent more likely to start a business, and immigrant-owned businesses create jobs.


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  2. It is by measuring the amount of Carbon-14 left in the body of a animal or plant that a scientist can deduce when the plant or animal died.

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