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Container ship Ship designed to take ISO (International Standards Organisation) containers in vertical cells within the ship's holds as well as on the deck.These ships generally rely on infrastructure on the wharf to load and unload the containers.

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Depending on the importing country's requirements, this can be as simple as being issued by the seller or the manufacturer.

In most cases however, it is required to be issued by a Chamber of Commerce in the country of origin.

Agent An independent person or corporation acting as a representative, usually in a foreign market, who attempts to sell products for an overseas seller (principal) and earns a commission on successful sales.

Agents are not normally involved in delivery or servicing of product.

Charterparty A written contract between a shipowner and a charterer who rents use of the ship or part of its freight capacity.

A voyage charterparty is a contract covering transport of goods from one or more ports to one or more ports and will detail the costs and responsibilities involved.

Conference A group of shipping companies who have associated to offer regular services on specific routes at published rates. Non conference shipping lines are sometimes referred to as independent or outsiders.

Consignee The party shown on the bill of lading or air waybill to whom the shipment is consigned.

Commercial Invoice A document issued by the seller, addressed to the buyer, giving details of the individual transaction, including complete description of the goods, prices, currency, delivery and payment terms and so on.

This is generally used by the Customs authorities in the importing country to assess customs duties payable.

Bill of Exchange An unconditional order in writing, issued by the seller (drawer) instructing the buyer (drawee) to pay the seller's bank (payee) a specified amount (normally the full invoice value) on demand (at sight) or at a fixed or determinable future time.

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