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First off…Christmas cheer is abundantly oozing out of every pore so this might be funny only to me. Chan Ho Park – A one way ticket the F out of town…will all hate him…. just listening to him talk cracks me up, he always seems like everything he says is an inside joke with himself.

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It’s Canada’s LA or New York or whatever city you Americans love to hate…Personally if I had to hate an American city it would be Boston. Luke Perry’s Sideburns were sweet when you were in High School but they are so out.

If I had to love one it would be [besides Philly] Chicago…

(I got Howard and Pujols in one of my fantasy leagues by the way… perez: ya, he’s up in one of those tents over there getting drunk off his ass gp: (head explodes) anyways, i spent a good portion of the day searching for the bat to no avail, but it was all worth it for that comment -gp Okay so if the sexycriminals have two things going for them they are these: 1. I always have a secret spare can of skoal stashed away.

does anyone else in the world have both of those guys on one team? Reason number 2 is why this post is getting written right now.

Anyway, once those sluts got tired of the show and went to eat ice cream or play in the sandbox or whatever 8 year old prozzies do while their parents are getting krunked up on Sundays, I got to turn the game back on. so as he is coming off the 6th green i approach him and this convo goes down gp: hey pat (perez), nice win last weekend…

There isn’t really anything to report besides that. From what I could gather, Howard K’d twice, once in the ninth….was sweet…. He likes to wait until the MVP voters start taking notes. it was good to see you celebrating with the boys out there perez: (laughing) thanks a lot gp: speaking of which, is the bat out here with you this weekend?

We Hope to meet up with the Clearwater 5, but we are but men. -Jayson Werth – A Beard Trimmer: Your weird chin hair thing makes me want to throw up. not sexy…AT ALL (that might be 2 presents..whatever) -Ryan Madson – Hair. PAT THE BAT – A massive contract with the Seattle Mariners. So I walked across the room and had a great time chilling with Jeff Jenkins and Pat Burrel for about an hour. They were in such a great mood and in such a high spirit that it was awesome to see!

Actually for that matter, you can share that gift with Blanton, Myers, and Lidge…I’m not George Steinbrenner (R. He’s not bald, but in mid summer he rolled into a game with a shorn head and it was sick… He will never be forgotten, but you now must carry the torch….saying funny things to make us laugh is now your burden…don’t let us down. So Perman and I can come down every weekend at stay at your apartment and get real weird. We had a great time talking baseball and poker, and Burrel and I started needling each other back and forth. Burrel just tells it like it is, and that is refreshing, and fun.

he looked like my buddy craig after 3 rounds of chemo. Utley – Your rightful place as the Phillies new hilarious mouthpiece. And then put on Phillies jerseys and re-live your amazing double that clinched it all….. He isn’t even on the 40 man I don’t think but he is a BC boy from right down the road. My number is 6 if you want to sit around and talk about how amazing the phillies are… [“Phil I love watching you because you’re such an asshole.”] and that is why we all love you pat!


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