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Generally, try to keep conversations general and broad.Pakistanis like to express their sincere point of view, especially when subject under discussion is about topics such as health, education, and the impact of terrorism on society.

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It is good practice to start conversation with an introduction that gives the person a quick synopsis of one’s background.

Conversations around where one is from, and what one does can all be good conversation starters, likely to encourage others to respond in a similar way.

Hence, it is advisable to mention about where you are from.

Pakistanis are proud of their culture and historical past and love to talk about politics and religion.

However, giving a hug on a first meeting can be common in certain areas.

While shaking hands is expected, women tend not to shake hands with men.

It is very normal for individuals to ask about educational background and about families in first interactions.

From a Canadian perspective it would feel awkward to talk about “personal” stuff during first interaction.

Even married couples are unlikely to hold hands in public. Frequent power outages (particularly in summer), shortages of fuel, and problems associated with public transportation, all combine to create circumstances in which tempers are easily frayed.

Men holding each other’s hands in public and putting their arms around the other’s shoulder is not an indication of a same sex (or gay) relationship. Political realities have also contributed to a confrontational mindset.

Pakistanis tend to find connections mentioning that they know someone who has lived or work there.


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