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In cases like this, you should create geofences using a larger radius.If you receive a large number of alerts when driving briefly past a geofence, the best way to reduce the alerts is to use a transition type of .People make the mistake of thinking it’s only for a certain “type” of person that sign up while in fact, millions of people have joined dating services.

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This lesson shows you how to add and remove geofences, and then listen for geofence transitions using an .

We recommend upgrading existing apps to use the Location Services class, which contains the Geofencing Api interface.

For more information, see the other lessons in this class.

This section outlines recommendations for using geofencing with the location APIs for Android.

You can limit the duration of any geofence by specifying an expiration duration in milliseconds.

After the geofence expires, Location Services automatically removes it.Not only are relationships difficult, but online dating is extremely difficult, mainly due to the misconceptions about dating online.Let’s clear up some odd perceptions about dating online.You can use the following techniques to optimize power consumption in your apps that use geofencing: For best results, the minimium radius of the geofence should be set between 100 - 150 meters.When Wi-Fi is available location accuracy is usually between 20 - 50 meters.You can have multiple active geofences, with a limit of 100 per device user.

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