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They can often come with some issues.” The job can prove emotionally challenging at times, as Laura’s clients can become frustrated.“They can feel a little bit resentful that all their friends are having nights out in pubs at the weekend and they’re left behind.

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“Unfortunately we are going backwards here in Ireland which is a great shame, because other countries have recognised that it’s a real need that needs to be filled.” Sex worker Kate Mc Grew counts a number of men with disabilities among her clients, and says they tend to be younger than the average age of her clients, with most aged in their 20s and 30s.

She adds that it is not uncommon to find people with disabilities working in the sex industry, as the flexible work schedule can suit people who fatigue easily and who want to define for themselves what they can accommodate at work.

At the moment, the closest thing to it is an option on the popular Escort Ireland website to find “disability-friendly” sex workers. “I started my career working in the parlours in Dublin and I worked back then with disabled clients, but there was no kind of formal structure in place.

“There were girls who wouldn’t work with disabled guys at all, they were afraid of them.

While most of Kate’s disabled clients contact her independently via her online profile, she has also heard from parents and siblings who wanted to arrange a booking for their loved ones.

“They might briefly touch base after the first booking, but as with the family members of able-bodied people, they don't really want to know the details!

Paying for sex is not illegal in Ireland, but many activities associated with it are, such as soliciting sexual services in public places.

Irish sex workers typically advertise their services online, and many offer services for clients with disabilities.

” Arranging visits with her disabled clients can be more difficult, requiring additional time and preparation, along with good communication.

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