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If it’s loose, they’ll advise you to stuff the band with some newspaper. Taubert’s, purveyor of hats, cowboy boots, and Pendleton blankets, has been on North Broadway in downtown Billings since 1979.Back then this shopping district was a cen-ter of commerce for ranchers who traveled from hundreds of miles away.

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Kosovich, a Billings native, is a bike mechanic at the Spoke Shop, a bike store operating in town since 1973.

He has helped secure agreements with landowners to build a trail network around Billings, which now includes more than 35 miles of singletrack on public and private land. “There’s so much to do, but Billings won’t come to you.

You have to go out and find it.” One morning in June, we got up early to ride the High Line, a sprawling cross-country network in the rimrock, where we flushed cottontails and jackrabbits and narrowly missed a rattlesnake sunning on the trail.

“The best part of the High Line is that you see almost nothing of the city,” Kosovich says.

When it comes to fitting you for a cowboy hat, the gals at Taubert’s Ranch Outfitters have two ways to go about it.

If the hat is a little tight, they’ll point out, your head will stretch it over time.

Harman is the executive chef and owner of Fieldhouse, a farm-to-table bistro that opened in 2012.

The menu he’s put together features cheeses from farms all over the state, bison from South Dakota’s Wild Idea Buffalo, and vegetables from Kate’s Garden and CSA in downtown Billings. “We’re experimenting as we go along.” Harman, who has sleeve tattoos and an earring, is just one of a growing number of local entrepreneurs who are pushing Billings into a new era.

For more on what sets Billings apart, watch this video.

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