Online dating for people with depression

If we allow things to depress us we will be depressed... If not, then it shouldn't be like you failed your finals in school.

Sorry, probably too philosophical - I just can't waste my time feeling down when there is so much life to be lived each day. The biggest problem in dating especially at an age past 45 is just coming in contact with women. In that time I have received a handful of unsolicited messages. This is the frustrating part of trying to express one self by using bits and bytes.

When I finally get that "right" relationship I will certainly value each moment of it, in the meantime I will value the friends I am making along the way and the adventures lived. No matter what I do - there are few other venues that really work. There have been some good ones in the Dallas - Fort Worth area over the years. When in High School and then later at College and at work years ago - it was a snap to meet new women - at all kinds of events. Most of my messages initiating contact have been ignored. I also agree with the "Threader" that is can be "depressing"; more like frustrating to find someone who you THINK you would find attractive in person.

If a person doesn't have the confidence from the gate and always get negative responses...could be really damaging to their self esteem.

Actually, I think severe depression can cause one to resort to online dating. does depression cause one to be more susceptible to physical chronic pain - or does chronic pain make one depressed??

,these sites have proved to be a success in the past and recently..there are far too many people quick to put anything down just cos its not worked for them!

yes there are weirdos on someof these sites but that works for both sexes.could meet a weirdo in a pub or club on a night out.least you get to know more about a person or relax and chat to someone.met some right bunny boilers in clubs or pubs or chatted up a female whos giving out the right signals just to piss a boyfriend up whos glaring from tother side of the bar!!

So, I personally don't think online dating causes severe mental depression.

I do think that online dating can prevent one from fully recovering from severe mental my doctor said to me last year..the heck off of the computer an those date sites..will do you no good but more harm and he was so right ..did do me more harm then good.

good characteristics and honesty........................................................ just set aside the are on solid about i have these good things about me and you learn to change the bad ones a bit.time.


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