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Anything in the Hudson Valley holds my heart, namely Storm King, Dia: Beacon, and any of the Vanderbilt or historic mansions.Lyndenhurst is probably only an hour away in Tarrytown (they are hosting a Mother’s Day piano and baritone concert), or the Gold Coast Mansions along the north shore of Long Island are equidistant.

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It’s been my birthday dinner of choice for the past couple of years.” –Kelsey Nixon 13.

“If you are fans of sushi and have seen the Netflix documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” you might interested in checking out Sushi Nakazawa. Sometimes they also have events there (concerts, dance performances, etc.).

Jiro’s apprentice left the master to come to NYC and open up a restaurant. Feels like a very exclusive and special experience.” –Kelsey Nixon 14. You can also walk through the nearby downtown of Beacon.” -Mara Kofoed 15.

“The Modern (the fine dining restaurant at the Mo Ma) is so nice.

Though it feels as though we’ve been together forever.

We are so, so happy to celebrate together, especially when there is supposedly a killer Mexican food restaurant in Cuenca that we haven’t tried yet (El Pedregal Azteca).Beautiful grounds for the kids to run around in, and then plenty of suburban dining for the picking (Cheesecake Factory! Poughkeepsie has a walk/bikeway over the Hudson that has incredible views, and actually West Point is equally stunning and we have wanted to go to a football game there sometime.” -Angie Hansen 9.“Visit the Aire Bathhouse in Chinatown.” –Koseli Cummings 12.They’re still in their “soft open” stage, but it is SO good and the atmosphere is really stellar as well.A seat near the open kitchen would be fun.” –Kelsey Nixon 7.“Back when we were young and wild and free, we kayaked on the Hudson River.

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