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Fortunately for her, Laney is receptive to Zack's invasive, cruel, and dishonest scheme, and her life ends up being way better afterward, because she now has a hot boyfriend who looks like Freddie Prinz, Jr., as well as a cool new haircut and some barrettes.Actors: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Anna Paquin, Lil' Kim, Usher, Gabrielle Union, more Initial Release: 1999 Directed by: Robert Iscove Rated: PG-13 (USA)Also Ranked #12 on The Best Teen Romance Movies #45 on The Best Movies of 1999 #13 on The Funniest Comedy Movies About High School #89 on The Worst January Movie Releases formally stars Robin Tunney as transfer student Sarah, whose existence is turned upside down after she falls in with a group of scowling, outcast goth girls who claim to be witches.After appearing in the musical, she contacted an agent and began taking acting lessons and later proved how serious she was by beginning her screen acting career at age 12, in a 1993 episode of the television series Dr.

Later in 1993, she was subsequently cast in the lead role of the series The Secret World of Alex Mack where she portrayed a teenage girl who receives telekinetic powers as the result of an accident.

She won the role of Alex Mack over 400 other aspirants.

From blood-soaked horror flicks to tearjerking coming-of-age films; from mushy high school romances to sexually awkward gross-out comedies, the films on this list all have one major commonality - popularity!

Some of the greatest teen movies of the '90s were the ones aimed at teenage girls, so we're bringing you this list of all the most iconic '90s movies that changed female lives forever.

This movie was pretty much the highlight of Balk's career, unfortunately, but her performance is amazing, and it remains one of the most iconic of the decade.

No woman has ever done so much singlehandedly to spike purple lipstick sales, arouse hidden sapphic desires, and encourage irresponsible dabbling in the occult.If you missed a movie in the theater, you could wait a few months and buy or rent a copy, then take it home and play it on your VCR (or DVD player, if your family was swaggy enough to own one yet).And come on - n Were you more of a Cher or were you more of a Ty? She is best known for her role as Alex Mack on the Nickelodean series The Secret World of Alex Mack.On Pretty Little Liars, she plays the role of Maggie Cutler.Actors: Alicia Silverstone, Brittany Murphy, Paul Rudd, Stacey Dash, Wallace Shawn, more Initial Release: 1995 Directed by: Amy Heckerling Rated: PG-13 (USA)Also Ranked #4 on The Best Teen Romance Movies #19 on The Best Movies of 1995 #10 on The Greatest Chick Flicks Ever Made #5 on The Best Movies for Young Girls is basically about getting your parents to loosen up and let you start learning to be an adult already.

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