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On Sunday, Curtis's latest film, Love Actually, gets its world premiere.Students of his work will be delighted to know that the debutant director has remained true to form and included a character called Bernard - in this case a 10-year-old boy.Mr Jenkin, who is due to attend the film's premiere with his wife, said he was greatly amused to be name-checked with such regularity in Curtis's work."It is a wonderful thing to have been such a seminal influence on one of our most talented comedy writers," he said.

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He and his new bride, Lydia (Sophie Thompson), are humiliated when they are interrupted in a passionate wedding day moment by Hugh Grant, who is accidentally locked in their honeymoon suite.

In Blackadder II, "Queenie's" nursemaid "Nursie" reveals that her real name is Bernard.

They both went on to fight safe Labour seats in the 1987 election and married the following year. When her husband, the son of the former Cabinet minister Patrick Jenkin, was elected MP in 1992, Mrs Jenkin went to work as his parliamentary secretary - in part, she once joked, to keep an eye on him.

Her stake in the family's farming business in Essex helped propel Mr Jenkin to 24th in the Mail on Sunday's latest Rich List of MPs.

Scythes have been used as polearms before in real life, though this usually involved straightening the blade into something more like a large Blade on a Stick.

But even keeping the blade perpendicular to the haft has its own benefits, such as being harder for the opponent to predict and building armor-piercing momentum in its swing, with the added bonus of being able to cut an opponent in half once you've impaled them.

There is even a Bernard, or rather Bernie, in Notting Hill, played by Hugh Bonneville.

Furthermore, in the film Bean, he becomes a she - Bernice played by Sandra Oh.

But in the arms of a skilled fighter—especially one whose social class forbids him from owning conventional weaponry—it's as lethal as any sword or mace.

It is also likely to mark the special or dangerous enemy, as well as the macabre touch brought on by evoking The Grim Reaper.

While farming scythes will only have the sharp edge on the inner curve, a war scythe will likely be sharp on both sides.


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