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The first, and most obvious, observation is that these are commercial images, and the fallout of commerce run amok is a cornerstone of cyberpunk.

The iconic LED geisha munching candies on the side of a skyscraper in the original , walking commercials that stalk Los Angeles like benign Godzillas.

’s men of science and industry gazed up at the gigantic bust of mother figure Hel, the future cities of the cinema have had a thing for giant ladies.

(To be fair, Joel Schumacher notably also threw some giant men into his vision of Gotham City, to the extent that Batman is a work of cyberpunk.) It makes sense that colossal human figures would play into our visions of cities on the brink of collapse; we know how these figures will look in pieces, brought low and made to rest in a museum. But unlike Constantine and Nero, political figures whose likenesses rose up to a hundred feet over Rome, we keep imagining a future where our cities’ colossus budgets favor frequently nude, nameless women.

(They are almost uniformly women; gay male and hetero female macrophiliacs are either rare or don’t spend as much time online.) It’s not exactly a fetish, since consummation is physically impossible; it’s something confined to the realm of imagination, mostly in art shared in various giantess (or GTS) message-board communities, aided by the power of Photo Shop.

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Cinematic inventions like Rouge City and its ilk exist on an exceedingly well-worn trajectory where religion and sexual repression sit at one end, and scientific innovation and female objectification exist at the other.

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