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The posts came despite warnings from Colorado Parks and Wildlife that nude trekkers could be ticketed for indecent exposure.A spokesman told Denver 7: 'We would ask them to leave or put on clothing.' And the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), said it would intervene if other park users were disturbed by the practice.Woytek and Butner each said they learned that clothed photos were posted without their consent.

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National Nude Hiking Day has been celebrated in earnest despite a ban on the activity put in place by park authorities in Colorado.

Rangers had warned trekkers they could be kicked off public land if they took part in June 21's event, but that didn't stop enthusiasts stripping off and posting photos online.

It’s not clear how many active-duty Marines and other service members were involved or are under investigation.

However, an internal Marine Corps document said a former Marine maintained the Google Drive where the photos were shared, and that it had a following of about 30,000.

Some of the images have received pornographic and violent replies, including some recommending that female Marines be raped or shot, according to the women’s lawyer, Gloria Allred.

Allred said there may be hundreds of such postings in a closed Facebook group Marines United, thought to have around 30,000 members.Gloria Allred is also representing the women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual harassment.Eddie Redmayne’s upcoming film “The Danish Girl” will feature the Oscar winner like he’s never been seen before.We won’t be putting out a gag reel.” Although Redmayne isn’t quite sure how the film will be received, his only measure of reaction to his transformation is based on dress rehearsals. “Just walking onto a set filled with men, watching the difference in how you’re treated, or the scrutiny… Butner and Allred said some women who have spoken out have been attacked and have experienced ‘victim shaming’.


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