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Living in one of the nation’s oldest states means there are tons of historically rich and fascinating places found all over.

Broad interpretations of vague references in historical Norse sagas have led some to believe that Vikings visited Mount Hope Bay between the years 10 AD.

Newport tower carbon dating

While this goes against most shared beliefs about the pre colonial history of Newport, it is super interesting to think about.

Historians decided to pull in some scientific testing for answers.

Scholars pretty much agree that the Vikings did make it to North America, as various artifacts of Norse origin have been found on the eastern coast of Canada, most notably at L'Anse aux Meadows.

However, no such objects have ever been found as far south as Massachusetts or Rhode Island.

Its twenty-four-foot-high walls are made of lime-mortared fieldstone and its interior is open to the sky.

Arches separate the legs and small, square openings are scattered in the wall above.

While most of the oldest remaining man-made structures tend to be traced back to the Colonial Era, there are a few that date back even earlier.

Though many of these sites have interesting stories of their own, there is one place in Rhode Island that some historians say continues to maintain an air of mystery. The historic structure known as Newport Tower stands brilliantly in Touro Park in Newport.

In 1837 he published a series of letters known as in which he did a very impressive job of making the facts fit his theories, employing the exact opposite of the scientific method.

Although Rafn's thoughts on the Old Stone Mill were based only upon poorly drawn architectural renderings, that didn't stop later scholars from expanding on his ideas in much the same suspect manner.

Viking-theory enthusiasts note that the Newport tower is oriented to the true points of the compass, as were churches in Denmark and Norway.


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