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Just click on a suggested target to add them to your targeting.

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Open rates aren’t provided, but clearly the vast majority of listeners don’t see their messages.

How your songs perform, which determines your Pop Score, is largely based on who you target.

To gauge the level of engagement of the remaining 396, I sent out an email, and followed up with a reminder email, asking them to complete a three-question survey.

Only 9 responded, and their answers aren’t promising: You might conclude that Jango plays don’t lead to sales, but you’d be wrong!

I recycled affiliate income into plays for a couple years after my previous article, then took a two and a half year break, dividing my results neatly into then and now.

As you can see, the percentage of new fans, comments, and shared email addresses dropped by roughly half.

Maybe you’d start by picking three artists you sound like, and let the algorithm work from there. There are two categories of targeting: Standard and Premium.

Standard targeting includes Artist Targeting and basic Geographic Targeting (plays are focused on the areas you select). Premium targeting adds Demographic Targeting (by age and gender), and strict Geographic Targeting (plays are limited to the areas you select). Geographic and Demographic reports can help to refine your premium targeting.

When they do, a link to their Facebook profile appears on our dashboard.

You can even click through and send them a friend request. You can also message fans through Radio Airplay’s internal messaging system, individually or all at once. A typical message to my 14K fans nets only 3-4 thoughtful replies.

This is referred to as Song-Level Artist Targeting, and it’s well worth taking the time to get right.


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