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The numbers one, ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand and so on are given by the sequence of words in the list- Eka, Dasa, Sata, Sahasra, Ayuta, Laksha, Prayuta, Koti, Arbuda, Abja, Kharva, Nikharva, Maha Padma, Sankha, Jaladhi, Antya, Maha Sankha, Paraardha.Thus the decimal system was in the culture even in the early part of the first millenium B. The Yajurveda, in its description of rituals and the mantras employed therein, the Mahabharata and the Ramayanaa in their descriptions of statistics and measurements, used all these words, with total abandon.

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Aryabhatta is considered to have contributed the modern symbol for the value of zero. There is also the fact that we should consider that zero is simply something we apply while calculating. 0 is a symbol, a convenience and a convention, not a mathematical priori.

The concept of zero and nothingness has been prevalent since the beginning of time.The update contains the following changes listed below. We don't want the client and server state to get out of sync so we now only check for Inventory once, at sign-in General Fixes/Tweaks - Xbox One: Support for localised languages (French, German, Spanish, and Russian) - Added Saitek x56 control preset - Fix missing Hawking Depot - now called Hawking Station - Use loose rather than strict checks when testing if a ship is valid for recovering from storage, this means that people who've stored ships with mass over their engine limit will be able to recover those ships again.But will still be prompted to fix the problem when in outfitting - Pirated cargo not appearing in hold when stealing from players fixed - Re-fix making Independent powers being hostile to each other when deciding which actions to allow when being opposed - Added guards against receiving duplicate inbox messages, which could cause the inbox gui to become unresponsive - Fix not being able to dock at some stations in the Arbuda system - Fixed viewing the list of CG's, and the progress preview bar being wrong - If an interdiction takes you into orbital cruise, then cancel the interdiction as otherwise you will end up inside the planet - When dropping out after an interdiction make sure we don't drop out too close to a planet. Zero as a concept has been mentioned in many mathematical expressions even before Aryabhatta.That's precisely the reason why it is called an invention and not a discovery. Zero is "applied" in decimal number system because it makes conducting mathematical operations incredibly easy, which other systems couldn't guarantee us.Speaking mathematically, even the concept of zero varies with the context.

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