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Moreover, she has never spoken about his personal life in public and media.

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However, Rudakova once shared some pictures on her Instagram account with an Australian actor, Sullivan Stapleton.

Yet, She didn’t talk anything about it & neglected.

Once, she has shared some pictures on her Instagram with an Australian actor Sullivan Stapleton.

However, she didn’t disclose this news and ignored it. She is more focused on her career rather than in a relationship.

Natalya Rudakova was born on 14th February 1985, in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

She belongs to Caucasian/race-ethnicity and holds an American nationality.Q: Writer Luc Besson said he first noticed you because of your looks, specifically your "freckles and blue eyes." Do you consider yourself sexy?A: I'm like every woman — some days I feel sexy and some days I don't. I feel sexiest when I'm in a nice dress with my hair and makeup done. Q: What's the best advice you've received about how to survive in the movie industry?When Luc offered to pay for my acting classes, I had no idea what would happen or that there was a movie at the end of all of that. Jason is an experienced actor, and he was very supportive and protective of me. I've also learned not to pay much attention to the critics. Some people like dark chocolate, some like milk chocolate. She's a great actress and good at taking on different characters.I was just taking advantage of free acting classes. So don't base your decisions and thoughts on their opinions. Q: Had you ever considered acting before Luc offered you the role? We were filming in the winter, he was half naked, and I was wearing a short dress. A: Jason told me to be myself and not to forget who I am.

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