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However, it’s anyone’s guess whether that will be enough to satisfy the court, which could shut down schools June 30 if a constitutional formula isn’t in place, meaning one that has been signed into law and approved by the court.

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The high court ruled in March that public school funding in Kansas was constitutionally inadequate and that more money must be put into the system.

The bill that lawmakers passed provides $284 million in new money over the next two years, including $184 million for the upcoming fiscal year.

The woman, Barbara Reese, who was never charged with a crime, insisted she earned the money selling used cars.

Lawmakers advocating for the return of the money said the incident probably would not have happened if Reese wasn’t African-American.

Medicaid expansion gets a vote The Legislature’s health agenda this session largely focused on two issues: expanding Kan Care to adults earning up to 138 percent of the poverty line and exempting public hospitals from having to allow concealed handguns.

Lawmakers voted earlier this year to expand Medicaid, but the House fell three votes short of overriding Brownback’s veto.Lawmakers will return later this month for the ceremonial end to the session.At 114 days, it will tie the record-long session in 2015.Moderate-leaning Republican Stephanie Clayton, also from Overland Park, said reversing the tax cuts was a “major step” toward fixing the state’s budget problems.“We have turned things around and we are headed in the right direction,” Clayton said.Those spending levels wouldn’t have been possible without the tax increase that lawmakers approved.


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