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Privacy: stay anonymous when asking agents or landlords questions about apartment.

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For example: “Naked Apartments is cooler than cool." -Jim (Oct 2010) You can also email all your friends, or post a review on your Facebook or Twitter account.

If you need help, we have buttons on our home page that make it easy to share our site with your friends and followers.

When meeting the agent in person, ask to see their real estate license, their “pocket-card”, and match that with their license or a photo ID.

While we have a system in place to screen a landlord, that system is not perfect. When we offered free trials in 2010, we found that those who signed up were not responding quickly to renters, were not keeping their listings updated and did not provide the customer service that we require from all our participating agents.

So a listing may still be on our site even though it’s no longer available.

For this reason we give you the date that the listing was first added to our site.For example, if your billing cycle ends on December 15th, but you cancel on December 2nd, your account will remain active until the 15th. Your account will go inactive in the event that we can’t charge your credit, debit or prepaid card.You'll simply have to reactivate your account once you can fund the account. They'll still be in your account when you reactivate. Unless you cancel your account, your card will automatically get charged each billing cycle.Unfortunately there isn’t a centralized database of all available apartments, let alone one that’s constantly updated. ) So if you contact an agent and they tell you it’s no longer available, don’t immediately assume that they’re trying to bait-and-switch you.More often than not, the apartment was rented, and they didn’t have time to update the listing.We’re a site that makes it a whole lot easier to find your next apartment…. Reverse search: agents and landlords send you offers and listings.


  1. Features include universal fit mounting hardware and Lifetime Warranty.

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  3. Because we are committed to providing the highest possible quality and finding the neighborhoods that best meet your criteria, we use census tracts.

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