Myspace dating quiz

” quiz and got anything but Regina George, it was kind of a “meh” on whether that was worth sharing.

Those Quizilla results were serious business – and a really easy way to clog up your page if you weren’t careful, so you had to be .

😲I'm pretty sure he liked her at the beginning of this year but he also liked me last year, and I don't want to hurt either of them..! 😫😕😧 I have a crush on this very hot guy in school his name is Jason he didnt know till the fist day of June and I saw him at the Staten island mall he saw me and he ACTUALLY talked to me 😆😆😆😆. then things we did were only for fun but I never thought I would fall in love with you because i was the one who said let's have fun nd take advantage of each other ..

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Having the right tagline and cool-but-not-TOO-cool bio Summarizing yourself up in a way that sounded simultaneously genuine, mysterious, interesting, and “too good for you, random stalker, but also up for a good time I guess” was not easy, let me tell you.

I used a lot of song lyrics and a lot of quotes from , as depressing of a movie as it is).

This beautiful little blip in post-Geocities 2000s culture was where those who had trouble with not being awkward in person could carve out a little part of the Internet of their own that showcased them as whomever they wanted to be. There were a few challenges we all had to work through to make sure we were representing the most effortlessly cool version of ourselves before we could be considered pros.

One mistake and BAM, all our Internet cool creds could be gone in an instant.

Chris abandoned My Space altogether around this time.

Three archived snapshots of Chris's pages have been preserved.

He knows i like him and one of his friends told me that he would go after me after that other girl.

I am sure i like him and all my friends know and they know for sure one day we will get together AHHHH When I see him , he smiles and says Hi .

Now he hangs around me more and he always put his arm around me and teases me.

He pats my head and has gotten a bit too close but i just found out that he asked out this new girl but he did not get an answer.

I love you aritra and i wish u ask me out one day pls ....

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