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You got it, and it's quite pertinent, even to the present day.

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Over some years, Anderson customized the web site based on user feedback to slow but sure success.

My Space became a gold bar within a company that was used to managing fools gold.

I learned that My Space was founded by people who were involved with building Malware and sending spam.

My Space was just a shot in the dark, that took off.

Eventually (inevitably), management worked to sell the company, to cash in the gold bar, while keeping the My Space crew in the dark.

The book is excellent for letting us see the players across the years and their very bumpy road.

“I get the party started.” But six years after he started posting tracks online—back then, most people called him Tim Bergling—Avicii’s breed of DJ is more icon than everyman. And I see how drunk everyone else is and I feel like, I kind of like not being hungover tomorrow.

At 24, he’s already performed with Madonna, released back-to-back-to-back hit singles (most recently, the bluegrass-tinged “Wake Me Up! Everyone does in the beginning when they’re getting accustomed to this world. But I just realized that for me personally, my body or my mind couldn’t handle that amount of—like I wasn’t feeling good doing that to myself. Yeah I was drinking way too much, partying in general way too much. EDM culture is notoriously party- and drug-centric.

It is an easy read, it is carefully edited (I wasn't able to spot a typo anywhere in the whole book) and well worth the time for someone interested in building social networks.

This book is long because it has painstaking detail of the path of My Space from a kluge of ideas to (in its day) the web's #1 site.

Julia Angwin's meticulously researched account is filled with life and hilarity, and a good amount of thoughtful comment. Well, there's the episode of the only profitable product running through every phase of Myspace's life. Then there's the story of the tactics employed by Elliot Spitzer's office to wrest millions of dollars in fines from Myspace for their role in keystroke spyware. There are the meetings with Rupert Murdoch, in which you get a real feel for what Murdoch is after and the way he thinks.


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