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The fall of Assyria and the rise of the Second Babylonian Empire.

In the case of the Persian Empire, the Persians themselves became ardent devotees of astrology which no doubt assisted the movement of astrological ideas into Egypt.

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The reason for making this very specific definition of astrology as we know it is that in a broader sense some kind of astrology is nearly universal among ancient peoples and is not limited to either one time or place as its point of origin.

Assyrian Empire controls all of Mesopotamia, parts of Persia, Syria, Palestine, and Egypt.Van der Waerden dates this middle phase as being from about 630 to 450 B.The reference to Chaldeans of course refers to astrologers and makes it clear that the art in this period was completely associated with late Babylonians, i.e., Chaldeans.The Sassanids, a people from the central area of Persia, overthrow the Parthians and establish the Second Persian Empire, or Sassanid Empire.Before moving on to a discussion of how and where astrology evolved, let us give a similar chronology for Egypt.The Seleucid dynasty descended from Alexander's general Seleukos ruled the area including Mesopotamia.


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