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After the calendar is deleted from the individual project that uses it, you will then be able to go to PWA and delete the calendar.

You view the stop date and also notice that it's the same as the resume date.

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After you change the indent of the tasks in Project 2016 and synchronize the tasks with Share Point, the indent setting isn't synchronized correctly.

In this situation, the protected baseline (baseline 0 – baseline 5) data is pasted.

Apple's OS X Mavericks is now available for free from the Mac App Store, and if your system meets its minimum requirements then you might be considering installing it.

However, you may be concerned about whether you need to prepare your Mac for the upgrade.

Because you don't have permissions to create baseline data, the paste process should not replicate this detail from the copied task and its assignments.

In this situation, all the elements on the report are lost and all that you see is a blank screen.

While you can attach any external hard drive large enough to accommodate your data, and back your system up to it, consider using at least two backups.

For one you can use Time Machine, and then a cloning tool for the second, or even make two clones or .

They are listed in reverse date order - newest at the top.

Each of these packages is cumulative, including all the previous fixes back to the last baseline (either the initial release or a Service Pack).

First, the only true requirement for upgrading is to ensure your system meets the minimum system requirements for running Mavericks.

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