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She had wanted to find out how chickens laid eggs and had sat waiting for one to come into the hen house so she could see for herself how it actually happened.

While they were in Folkestone Jane’s father, who was 32 years old, joined the army. Jane’s father was posted to France in 1940, at which point the rest of the family – Jane, her mother, and younger sister Judith – moved to her grandmother’s home in the beach resort of Bournemouth.

She was looked after by a nanny for much of her childhood.

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The family fled from France just before the war started, moving into Jane’s paternal grandparents’ large home in the English coastal town of Folkestone.

A Happy Childhood and a Love of Nature No matter where she happened to be living, Jane’s childhood was happy.

In 1945, aged 11, she began high school at Uplands School for girls.

At the age of 12, she formed a nature club called the Alligator Club.

Her father, Mortimor Herbert Morris-Goodall, was a telephone engineer who became a racing car driver for Aston-Martin.

Her mother, Margaret Myfanwe Joseph, was a secretary who later became an author, writing under the name Vanne Morris-Goodall.At the age of five Jane went missing in Folkestone and a search was started for her.When she was eventually found, it turned out she had been sitting for several hours in the hen house.As school continued, Jane became increasingly uncomfortable and unhappy.In his excellent biography of Jane Goodall, Dale Peterson quotes one of her diary entries from early 1951, when, aged 16, she wrote: Jane was a happy, lively girl, and it’s clear from the quote that she did not enjoy the regimented life school offered her.Her father had now become a full-time racing driver and, with most of his races in continental Europe, this location was more convenient than anywhere in England.


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