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I use a 60hz switch to get the correct speed, & RGB scart cable for the best quality. Could it be because my Dracula X CDr was originally Region USA patched? v=e4Rc MOok4uw Use these codes after you teleport Alucard to the Bloodlines Dracula stage and kill him or when you start a new game. sec=10The most complete gameshark section EVER about Sot N. Unfortunately I'm the only here who plays the Saturn version. Has alot more save space then the console & can transfer saves to PC to parallel cable. v=r5r85at DBD4To fight Dracula with Maria you must start a new game, I find that paying 0 for an hour of a blowjob and sex is a good deal but I know I shouldn’t be doing this. prostitutes, and view any advice against using prostitutes as a personal attack.

One guy there says you can change the first number & make it work. He made some codes when I asked him about special codes (PSX). I'm looking the page of the saturn codes and there is an email of the hacker: [email protected] he can explain how to make these codes work. He made some codes when I asked him about special codes (PSX). I'm looking the page of the saturn codes and there is an email of the hacker: [email protected] he can explain how to make these codes work. Also just bought the official game Dracula x saturn version mint on ebay.(Only had the CDr before)And a nice green 240 page official konami jap guide book with lots of art in it! About your guides: Please, post a scan (not all, but show something! These guides are very rare on my country and I never saw pics or infos about. My rarest Castlevania find is Vampires Kiss Snes complete in shrinkwrapped mint condition, for 301 euros from ebay Germany. Protagonist HP: 1605C942 270F 1605C946 270FEffort: 1605C94A 00FF 1605C94E 00FF MP: 1605C952 00FF 1605C956 00FF STR: 1605C95A 270FCON: 1605C95E 270FINT: 1605C962 270FLUCK: 1605C966 270FGOLD: 1605C992 270FMoney 1605C992 FFFFMagic guide device 1605C6F0 0303 1605C6F2 03031605C6F4 0303 1605C6F6 0303 1605C6F8 0303 1605C6FA 0303 1605C6FC 0303 1605C6FE 0303 1605C700 0303 1605C702 0303 1605C704 0303 1605C706 0303 1605C708 0303 1605C70A 0303 1605C70C 0303 1605C70E 0300 Nirvana 1605C712 80811605C714 8283 1605C716 8485 1605C718 8687 The whole range of props 1605C71A 0909Number of 2 to the end1605C824 0909A trick to change the1605C99E 000x (see table below)Infinite Jump1605C570 0004 (↓ ↑ can not use the air jump)MARIA by HP unabated1605C942 00C81605C946 00C8MP diminished1605C952 00C81605C956 00C8A trick to change the1605C99E 000x (see table below)Infinite Jump1605C570 0004RICHTER use HP unabated1605C942 00641605C946 0064Diminished heart1605C94A 0063There is always fire1605C508 0800A trick to change the1605C99E 000xx:1 :??? (Japanese)3: Holy Water4: Cross5: The Holy Book6: Clock7: Jump ore8 :????? Codes seems harmless for the savefiles as long as you do not save!!

Here's a pic: The white saturn is the one that I used to record my speed-run. u=97The same prob seems to be with all import games. It would be so cool to solve because it may lead to that the game becommes alot more hackable for the better. MASTER CODE: F6000914 230B B6002800 0000 This code makes the other ones work! In gameplay, just press reset on the saturn console each time you want to enable the cheats you have chosen.

So if anyone finds any other False/Glitched Castles can you please post them here. Character modifier code 3605C6D3 0000 for Alucard, 0001 for Richter, 0002 for Maria, all familiars must be turned off, v=Xiy Uy Asx W0MAlucard's Ultimate Healing Armor 3605C9B3 005E

v=C6QXPL51Mcw These codes move your position on the castle map, Horizontal 3605CE6B 0000, Vertical 3605CE6F 0000.

False/Glitched Castles can only be reached by this method. v=1U-8X9Ml Kb YFalse/Glitched Castle 2 3605D751 0022If you access the False/Glitched Castle 2 you can completely fill both maps, even on a real Sega Saturn. v=HMk RTOR4s V0False/Glitched Forest 1 3605D751 0055

v=P3Bhh Jpn Kdo There are many other False/Glitched Castles but I can't remember what the last 2 digits need to be.

Holding reset button toggle the region (I need to do this when I want to play Dracula X). Its so easy to transfer saves to the cart from the Saturn to. Alucard can only do maximum 999 without critical hit while sword familiar can do 1168 and maybe more.. 1Infinite Money 1605C992 FFFF 2Max Status 1605C942 270F 1605C946 270F 1605C94A 270F 1605C94E 270F 1605C952 270F 1605C956 270F 1605C95A 03E7 1605C95E 03E7 1605C962 03E7 1605C966 03E7 3605C98B 0063 1605C98C 000F 1605C98E 423F 1605C9CA 03E7 3Magic Machine 1605C6F0 0101 1605C6F2 0101 1605C6F4 0101 1605C6F6 0101 1605C6F8 0101 1605C6FA 0101 1605C6FC 0101 1605C6FE 0101 1605C700 0101 1605C702 0101 1605C704 0101 1605C706 0101 1605C708 0101 1605C70A 0101 1605C70C 0101 3605C70E 0001 4Special Attack 1605C712 8081 1605C714 8283 1605C716 8485 1605C718 8687 5All Items (Set 1) 1605C71A 6363 1605C71C 6363 1605C71E 6363 1605C720 6363 1605C722 6363 1605C724 6363 1605C726 6363 1605C728 6363 1605C72A 6363 1605C72C 6363 1605C72E 6363 1605C730 6363 6All Items (Set 2) 1605C732 6363 1605C734 6363 1605C736 6363 1605C738 6363 1605C73A 6363 1605C73C 6363 1605C73E 6363 1605C740 6363 1605C742 6363 1605C744 6363 1605C746 6363 1605C748 6363 1605C74A 6363 7All Items (Set 3) 1605C74C 6363 1605C74E 6363 1605C750 6363 1605C752 6363 1605C754 6363 1605C756 6363 1605C758 6363 1605C75A 6363 1605C75C 6363 1605C75E 6363 1605C760 6363 1605C762 6363 1605C764 6363 8All Items (Set 4) 1605C766 6363 1605C768 6363 1605C76A 6363 1605C76C 6363 1605C76E 6363 1605C770 6363 1605C772 6363 1605C774 6363 1605C776 6363 1605C778 6363 1605C77A 6363 1605C77C 6363 1605C77E 6363 9All Items (Set 5) 1605C780 6363 1605C782 6363 1605C784 6363 1605C786 6363 1605C788 6363 1605C78A 6363 1605C78C 6363 1605C78E 6363 1605C790 6363 1605C792 6363 1605C794 6363 1605C796 6363 1605C798 6363 10All Items (Set 6) 1605C79A 6363 1605C79C 6363 1605C79E 6363 1605C7A0 6363 1605C7A2 6363 1605C7A4 6363 1605C7A6 6363 1605C7A8 6363 1605C7AA 6363 1605C7AC 6363 1605C7AE 6363 1605C7B0 6363 1605C7B2 6363 11All Items (Set 7) 1605C7B4 6363 1605C7B6 6363 1605C7B8 6363 1605C7BA 6363 1605C7BC 6363 1605C7BE 6363 1605C7C0 6363 1605C7C2 6363 1605C7C4 6363 1605C7C6 6363 1605C7C8 6363 1605C7CA 6363 1605C7CC 6363 12All Items (Set 1605C7CE 6363 1605C7D0 6363 1605C7D2 6363 1605C7D4 6363 1605C7D6 6363 1605C7D8 6363 1605C7DA 6363 1605C7DC 6363 1605C7DE 6363 1605C7E0 6363 1605C7E2 6363 1605C7E4 6363 1605C7E6 6363 13All Items (Set 9) 1605C7E8 6363 1605C7EA 6363 1605C7EC 6363 1605C7EE 6363 1605C7F0 6363 1605C7F2 6363 1605C7F4 6363 1605C7F6 6363 1605C7F8 6363 1605C7FA 6363 1605C7FC 6363 1605C7FE 6363 1605C800 6363 14All Items (Set 10) 1605C802 6363 1605C804 6363 1605C806 6363 1605C808 6363 1605C80A 6363 1605C80C 6363 1605C80E 6363 1605C810 6363 1605C812 6363 1605C814 6363 1605C816 6363 1605C818 6363 1605C81A 6363 15All Items (Set 11) 1605C81C 6363 1605C81E 6363 1605C820 6363 1605C822 6363 1605C824 6363 Infinite Health 1605C942 270F Max Health 1605C946 270f Infinite Magic 1605C952 270F Max Magic 1605C956 270F Infinite Hearts 1605C94A 03E7 Max Hearts 1605C94E 03E7 Sub Weapon Mod 3605C99F 00?? Enterdebuggers room 80097918 0040 - 6A03B25E ____________________ saturn code 1605C6BA 0040 and.... Code Note Hacker(s) Update Time Infinite Health 1605C942 270F helder Sun, -0400Max Health 1605C946 270f helder Sun, -0400Infinite Magic 1605C952 270F helder Sun, -0400Max Magic 1605C956 270F helder Sun, -0400Infinite Hearts 1605C94A 03E7 helder Sun, -0400Max Hearts 1605C94E 03E7 helder Sun, -0400Sub Weapon Mod 3605C99F 00?? game=82661TELEPORT CODESUse a library card to teleport with these codes...

The Muramasa blade is alot more evil on the Saturn I was thinking it could be possible to remove some shades on the saturn version with the help of a actionreplay code to make it lag less. Also the save battery tends to die and has to be replaised some times, and then all the saves will disappear. With an old max status code I just tried my sword familiar makes almost 200 more damage then Alucard. s=bsfree2&sys=23&gid=11744&sid= and also to be found here the same master code as I wrote here above in this post! To activate all items set: go to your inventory and press reset button to see all items appear after 1 frame! To check out the revised codes that will all work on a real Sega Saturn visit

After a few item crashes the icon changes completly.


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