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Mesnick was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and has two brothers, Sean and Larry.His family moved to Washington state when he was eight. He attended Lake Washington High School, graduating in 1994, then attended the University of Washington, graduating in 1998 with a BA in Psychology.

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Find out a shocking secret about the latest bachelor Jake Pavelka After presenting Malaney with a bouquet of wildflowers, Mesnick snuck the engagement ring — a 1.2-plus carat, antique cushion-cut stone with small diamonds along the platinum band — into the bottom of her champagne glass. Also part of their new life: Ty, Mesnick's five-year-old son from a previous marriage.

"He just looked at me and said, 'will you marry me? "I love listening to what he did at school," Malaney gushed of her stepson.

First, there's the statistical improbably of "winning" the bachelor over 24 other women.

"The Bachelor" formula has worked just once: Trista and Ryan are the only couple to get engaged on the show's finale and make it to the altar.

He said the chemistry was different between him and Rycroft.

Kimmel asked Mesnick why he proposed marriage to Rycroft and Mesnick replied that Rycroft was exactly what he wanted at the time, but he did not want to lead Rycroft on.

21 at the Kohara Lodge in Queenstown, New Zealand — where they had an "overnight date" on the show.

"That's where we fell in love," Mesnick explained to Us. See stunning engagement rings other engaged stars are wearing The couple have been living together in Mesnick's native Seattle since late September.

The other successful match, Jason and Molly, doesn't technically count because he proposed to on the last episode.

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