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Any given computer (especially servers) would need to support many different encodings.However, when data is passed through different computers or between different encodings, that data runs the risk of corruption. The Unicode Standard provides a unique number for every character, no matter what platform, device, application or language.

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I don't know if Mint is so "user friendly" but you have nothing to lose trying it :) AFAIRK,the newer fancy xorg evdev input drivers disable the 'zapping' by default.

However, there is a way to reenable them on startup in /etc/or /etc/d/XX-somefile or set it in a per-user xorg startup script (maybe put to "Call oom_kill, which kills a process to alleviate an O ut O f M emory condition", which (at least for me) often kills the program that is causing the issue, as it is the largest RAM consuming process running at the time.

Membership in the Unicode Consortium is open to organizations and individuals anywhere in the world who support the Unicode Standard and wish to assist in its extension and implementation.

All are invited to contribute to the support of the Consortium's important work by making a donation.

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Als i Tunes is geïnstalleerd op de computer, volgt u deze stappen om i Tunes bij te werken naar de nieuwste versie.

Early character encodings also conflicted with one another.

That is, two encodings could use the same number for two different characters, or use different numbers for the same character.

Mint freezes fewer times than my XP, but when it does, I don't know what to do, I just shut down the pc and restart it.

So is there a command to fix Linux when it freezes? If your Linux box freezes and simply won't yield to any other key-commands, you should definitely try one particular key sequence before a hard reboot.

However, the original text content of the page needed updating, and managing the update of all of the separate translations to match was not feasible.

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