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OPERATION FREEDOM' S SENTINEL (OFS) - OFS includes casualties that occurred in Afghanistan immediately after OEF concluded December 31, 2014. On August 31, 2010, President Obama announced that the American combat mission in Iraq had ended. OPERATION NEW DAWN (OND) - OND includes casualties that occurred between September 1, 2010, and December 15, 2011. OPERATION INHERENT RESOLVE (OIR) - Effective October 15, 2014, OIR was created to wage against the terrorist group the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, another name for the Islamic State) along the Syrian-Iraqi border. The Army (including the Army National Guard and Reserves) comprises 49 percent of the total DOD force but sustained more than 70 percent of the combat deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Military, political, and world affairs experts will long be debating the wisdom and necessity of the "Iraqi War." Was the invasion necessary to the security of the United States, or even necessary for humanitarian or other essential reasons?

"Experts" on both sides of the debate continue to disagree.

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During the Vietnam War (1964 to 1975), there were 47,413 U. Military battle-related deaths, and 10,785 service members died from other causes. It's measured in the loss of the most valuable asset of all -- the price of war is measured in the loss of human lives.

In the five years of World War II (1940-1945), 291,557 American troops lost their lives in combat, and 671,846 were wounded. On just one day in September 2001, 2,792 people lost their lives when the twin towers fell in New York. The Navy (including Reserves) make up 19 percent of the total DOD force, and sustained over 2 percent of the total combat casualties.The Air Force (including Air National Guard and Reserves) comprises 21 percent of the total DOD force and experienced just over 1 percent of the total casualties.Hispanics comprise 14 percent of the population, 9 percent of the total DOD force and had 10 percent of the casualties.In contrast, during the First Gulf War (1990-1991), 382 American service members died in-theater, 147 (38%) of those a result of direct combat.Where are the people willing to devote themselves to causes larger than themselves?

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