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The best option that project managers have is to use notoriously inaccurate estimates of cost of work for this purpose.

In a 1998 article, Fleming and Koppelman [2] assert that "The single most important benefit of employing earned value is the cost efficiency readings it provides".

Agile EVM is an adapted implementation of EVM that uses the Scrum framework artifacts as inputs, uses traditional EVM calculations, and is expressed in traditional EVM metrics.

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In many industrialized government sectors the acceptance rate is much higher.

Many project managers in the private sector have hesitated to use EVM because they perceive the practices hard to implement.

And I’d contend these objectives can be met using multiple different business analyst techniques. Do your stakeholders know how to read requirements? It’s easy to lay blame when these individuals don’t provide the feedback we’re looking for.

It’s our job to get meaningful feedback despite whatever short-comings our stakeholders might have.

While requirements walk-throughs can be a useful technique to get sign-off on requirements, they are not always appropriate.

Before exploring some alternative approaches, let’s take a step back and think about what problem we’re trying to solve with requirements reviews. Factor these into your approach to requirements reviews. Many of your most important stakeholders won’t give a lick about your beloved requirements and it’s self-centered of us to think they can and should.Earned Value Management has been a recognized project management technique since the 1960s.It is the subject of in-depth study by the Project Management Institutes (PMI) College of Performance Management and is now included as a standard in the "Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge" published periodically by the PMI.It has traditionally been seen as difficult to accurately forecast final project costs for any software development project.The actual performance of a project (teams ahead or behind schedule or budget) cannot be converted easily to a cost forecast.The EVM techniques have been adopted for Agile projects, and the correctness of the results has been proven [1].

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