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“To be anti-sex would pretty much be the same as being anti-God.God created sex and we fully advocate the joy of experiencing it the way He intended.” The couple admits that sex is an enjoyable, important part of the lives of humans.

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It’s a time to reflect on your goals, set new standards for your life, and become the best version of yourself.

is all about self-improvement and living out the best life the Creator has designed for you. “While you wait, you’re not putting your life on hold or wasting time waiting for something to happen.

This is not a “sex bashing book” or a “sex shaming” process Many who’ve been skeptical about celibacy have painted a bleak picture of what it’s like to go through a process that asks us to go against the very essence of who we are: sexual beings.

However, De Von and Meagan make it very clear within the first chapter that celibacy doesn’t condemn sex.

The duo has been filling churches and lecture halls to the brim with eager listeners ready to hear how practicing what they’ve coined “the Wait” led them into each other’s arms, and ultimately into greater success within their professional lives.

Producer and preacher De Von Franklin and actress Meagan Good are co-authors of .

Whatever your goal is, it’s impassive to set those goals and use the energy of celibacy to fuel your desire to make it happen.

is a reflective moment that will show you yourself (& sometimes it’s an ugly truth) Celibacy brings with it a time of solitude and self-reflection.

“It’s the key to becoming who you’ve always aspired to be…

But it all starts with giving up sex.” Celibacy is abstaining with purpose, and the Wait only works when it’s purpose driven When it comes to abstinence, Meagan and De Von admit that many are often forced into the commitment after running into damaging situations or relationships that’ve held them to their wits end.

But this still wasn’t enough for me to give up what I thought was the only way of living.

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