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A Matter of Life and Death had an extensive pre-production period due to the complexity of the production: The huge escalator linking this world with the other, called "Operation Ethel" by the firm of engineers who constructed it under the aegis of the London Passenger Transport Board, took three months to make and cost £3,000, equivalent to £117,000 in 2015.

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The film was originally released in the United States under the title Stairway to Heaven, which derived from the film's most prominent special effect: a broad escalator linking Earth to the afterlife.

The decision to film the scenes of the Other World in black and white added to the complications.

She steps onto the stairway to the Other World without hesitation and is carried away, leaving Peter behind.

Then the stairway comes to an abrupt halt and June rushes back to Peter's open arms. nothing is stronger than the law in the universe, but on Earth, nothing is stronger than love." The jury rules in Peter's favour.

Reeves challenges the composition of the jury, which is made up of representatives who are prejudiced against the British.

In fairness, the jury is replaced by a multicultural mixture of modern Americans whose origins are as varied as those they replace.

The scene then shifts to the operating room, where the surgery is declared a success by the surgeon.

Cast notes: Goring was offered the role of the Conductor, but insisted that he wanted to play Peter instead; however, Powell and Pressburger were set on Niven playing the part, and eventually told Goring that the Conductor was his only choice: if he turned it down, they would approach Peter Ustinov to play the part.

They were filmed in Three-strip Technicolor, but the colour was not fully developed, giving a pearly hue to the black and white shots, a process cited in the screen credits as "Colour and Dye-Monochrome Processed in Technicolor". Photographic dissolves between "Technicolor Dye-Monochrome" (the Other World) and Three-Strip Technicolor (Earth) are used several times during the film.

In 1999, A Matter of Life and Death placed 20th on the British Film Institute's list of Best 100 British films.

He can choose a defence counsel from among all the people who have ever died, but he has difficulty picking one.


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