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Students take the original card assigned to them to their new seat.

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If they need assistance on that first card, the first person they turn to is the student sitting across from them.

So if student E has a problem, they should ask student F for help.

Choose one row of students that will be the movers in this game.

If the vertical row that begins with student B is the row of students that will move, have them all stand up and move down a chair.

I used this activity for the first time this school year.

I always remember I like it, but I always forget how much I love it.Since each partner is an expert on their card, they should have no problem figuring out where errors occurred, and then they can explain the correct way to solve the problem to the other student.If they were speed dating they would share about themselves - with speed math they share the process involved in solving their task card.I was creating my lesson plans for the week and watching the show and all of a sudden I had an idea of how to merge math and speed dating.I like to call it "speed math." The premise of speed dating is for each individual in attendance to share information about themselves in a short period of time, with other members of the group.For a given amount of time (generally I aim for 2-3min) students try to solve the card their new partner handed them.


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