Mate1 dating review plus size black canadian dating site

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Mate1 dating review

That would make is reasonable compared to other sites, but, again, we cannot be sure of this price.

Mate1 could be recommended as a first line dating site, but it is frustrating to be denied the price per month. It is really nice that they offer a cheap trial, but that gets you no closer to making a decision based on your finances. Its profile is interesting and fun, but we need to know at what cost.

The thing that really makes this profile stand out is a list of different “favorites” that you can identify.

For instance, there is a box for favorite food and one guy put Doritos.

Instead, the site continues to bounce you to the three day trial.

That makes it impossible to find out how it compares to other sites.

There is also a match search, but there is really no indication as to what it matches.

You can post a profile for free at Mate1, conduct all searches, and view the main profile picture.

This site is recommended, but with the caveat that it may be more expensive than some other sites.

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