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If I had to pick a second-favorite, it would be the sniper rifle, seemingly borrowed from the combat comes in the form of vehicles.

From a perky gymnast (Sally Field) who wears her heart on her leotard, to a philosophizing Mr. Out-of-work trapeze artist Abel Rosenberg (David Carradine) finds the only way to navigate the surreal circus that is 1923 Berlin is to stay drunk. As the stakes grow higher and the war grows deadlier, her guilt torments her.

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But when Colin falls for an innocent country girl (Rita Tushingham), it’s not long before the self-assured Tolen moves in for the kill.

Is all fair in love and war, or can Colin get the knack and beat Tolen at his own game? When a girl shortage of galactic proportions turns the Martian dating scene into a black hole, four extra-handsome extraterrestrials set their sights on Earth’s own cosmic cuties, hoping to find a few gorgeous girls willing to go all the way…to the stars.

Impelled by a need that will not be denied, she has run away from home to follow her handsome, womanizing lover (Bruce Robinson) across an ocean to wintry Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Wild with desire, she’ll risk everything to renew their brief affair.

Two mismatched cops search for a deranged serial killer… But Sandra Bernhard doesn’t know fear, and she tears into a viewer’s discomfort with vigor and relish.

Stripping herself, body and soul, down to bare essentials, she delivers “an astonishing performance in this bizarre funny and prickly satire of pop culture” ((1991).

But when the boys at NASA uncover the interplanetary poaching, they put rocket science to a new use–in kickin’ some Martian astronauts clear out of the solar system! Adele, daughter of French author and patriot Victor Hugo, is beautiful, composed and filled with the same brilliant writing talent as her famous father.

However, Adele is driven not by literary aspirations but by love.

When his rich girlfriend Dorothy (Joanne Woodward) gets pregnant and is threatened with disinheritance, Bud stages her suicide, sending her plummeting from the roof of a high-rise.

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