Mandating community service

The Christian Connection sect wanted the new college to be sectarian, but the planning committee decided otherwise.

Despite its enthusiasm, the Christian Connection's fundraising efforts proved insufficient.

Antioch College is a private, coeducational liberal arts college in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

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Every student admitted between fall 2011 through fall 2014 (the graduating classes of 2015-2018) receives the Horace Mann Fellowship, which covers the full cost of tuition for four years.

Antioch has been regularly included in the guidebook Colleges That Change Lives which declares that "there is no college or university in the country that makes a more profound difference in a young person's life or that creates more effective adults." During her remarks to the college in 2004, alumna Coretta Scott King stated that "Antioch students learn that it’s not enough to have a great career, material wealth and a fulfilling family life.

It was the founding, constituent college of Antioch University, which Antioch College remained a part of until 2008.

The college remained closed for three years before reopening in 2011, and fully separated from the university as an independent institution by 2014.

Antioch College is a member of the Great Lakes Colleges Association, The college has produced two Nobel Prize winners.

José Ramos-Horta, the 1996 laureate for Peace, obtained his Master of Arts at Antioch in 1984.

Mario Capecchi, the 2007 laureate for Medicine, earned the Bachelor of Science from Antioch in 1961.

Antioch College offers nine majors leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree: Anthropology, History, Literature, Media Arts, Visual Arts, Performance, Philosophy, Psychology, and Political Economy.

That’s what makes Antioch so special." Antioch College is located on the site of a short-lived Owenite community, a utopian socialist collective agricultural enterprise which was established in July 1825 and terminated at the end of December of that same year.

On October 5, 1850, the General Convention of the Christian Church passed a resolution stating "that our responsibility to the community, and the advancement of our interests as a denomination, demand of us the establishing of a College." The delegates further pledged "the sum of one hundred thousand dollars as the standard by which to measure our zeal and our effort in raising the means for establishing the contemplated College." The Committee on the Plan for a College was formed to undertake the founding of a college, and make decisions regarding the name of the school, the endowment, fundraising, faculty, and administration.

Since 1921 Antioch's educational approach has blended practical work experience with classroom learning, and participatory community governance.


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