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The boundaries and etiquette are long gone and it’s up to you how you say “I love you” – “ľúbim ťa.” Our grandparents and their grandparents lived in a different world.

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I would say the general rule for expressing love in Slovak is, or used to be, that it’s up to a guy.

Girls usually passively waited to be picked out of the crowd.

The name on the last paper was the name of your future husband.

Christmas Night and Christmas Day are also rich for the old superstitions. Another tip for a solo lady was to peel an apple and throw the apple skin behind you in the corner.

I can’t say that adultery or pre-marital sex didn’t happen, of course it did. But without ever present social media, cameras and smartphones, it was easier to keep it a secret.

Because single young girls didn’t have many choices to present their feelings openly, they did various rituals to influence their love of life or to find a perfect match.

Some of the rituals were supposed to predict when and if they get married, other how their future husband will look like, etc.

Note that being singe girl after 20 was a huge problem and shame for the family.

In order for magic to happen, they needed to water it early in the morning every day with fresh water transported from the source to the brunch in their mouth.


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  2. When I first started dating this delighting younger man (who is now my boyfriend), I found myself calling him by a nickname to my friends and using this weird, coy affectation, because “it’s not serious, he’s younger, he’s in school, and what do we have in common anyway? But as I got to know him more and more, my feelings for him intensified and I realized this wasn’t just a Mrs. So I thought about why, even though I was/am happy, did it feel like I’m getting away with something? My suspicion is that it’s because we are afraid to be made happy by something that’s out of the norm.

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