Malik dating islam

For such a minority issue to dominate such a large space in the UK’s political discourse is ludicrous. The debate often ends up a proxy for all sorts of different agendas – politicians furthering careers, misplaced feminist solidarity, Muslims asserting an identity they feel is under assault, and some good old-fashioned prejudice.

I would rather that Islam be purged of the niqab and all its permutations.

But for all the controversy this piece of cloth has generated this week – from schools and hospitals to courts of law, barely has a day gone by when there has not been a story of either a woman forced to take off her veil or coerced into putting it on – I am afraid that the law does not exist to pander to personal penchants.

My peers, when they left Saudi Arabia, would sometimes still wear it for the sense of social ease it provides.

Not every woman you see in a niqab is chafing in discomfort – for some, it makes life easier.

In hospitals, the concern that patients should be able to see health‑care professionals’ faces is a valid one.

A lot of the arguments against the niqab are valid, but I am not sure that they call for a ban.Those who oppose it under the banner of secularism and the oppressive nature of the niqab are making their own assumptions about Muslim women’s motivations.The debate about the veil is not about religious freedom.He is by name but he doesn't follow the guidelines of Islam.Islam prohibits smoking, drinking, dating and such and he has, unfortunately, strayed and gone and done those things.In both cases, women have been deprived of their right to choose.


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