Maks and brandy dating

” “On Sunday, I have to be back for Sy’rai to go to school on Monday”.

However Maks grabbed her hands and pulled her close to him, and whispered in her ear.

But that couldn't have appeared further from the truth as the pair left rehearsals for Dancing With The Stars yesterday.

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you.” Maks looked into her eyes and then drew her face to his and began to softly kiss her ear, and then her closed eye lids, he planted feathery kisses on her cheeks then he softly kissed her lips, he didn’t want to scare her off by how he was truly feeling inside, but when his lips touched her full pouty lips all sensibility left him and he crushed his mouth to hers and began to devour her mouth, his skilled, arousing mouth moved slick and hot against hers.

Fire, heat, and awe were the potent mix of their kisses. “Maks we can’t do this, this is wrong on so many levels, What about Errin?

Then a smiling Brandy waved to onlookers as she returned to her car.

The pop singer and the professional dancer were said to have fallen out during rehearsals for this weeks jive with one report suggesting that Maksim was hoping the couple would be eliminated so that he didn't have to deal with her 'diva' behavior.

ABC also aired clips from the rehearsals showing the pair arguing and looking very tense.

However Maksim claims the reports are false and that the pair get along 'wonderfully.'"We don't fight. 'I don't know how to say it so that people will believe me, but we have a great relationship.' 'I really like Brandy.

Judge Bruno Tonioli said he hated the dance and thought it was 'probably the worst' in the show's 11 seasons.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. There was silence on the other end, then Ray J replied, “Are you going to see my boy Makism? “When you get back Bran, it’s got to be about your CD, understand? “I will.” Brandy ended the call and looked around her bedroom and closed her eyes, remembering the night she and Maks had made love in this very room. She and Maks were at the dance studio, finishing up their dance promo for tomorrow night’s show, when Maks asked, “So has it really been six years since you were last intimate with someone? I was so tired of thinking sex was the answer to keeping a man, when I was giving 110% of myself, and going over and beyond to make a man happy, when I wasn’t being satisfied”.

I don't want to get eliminated and I think we have a good shot at winning. ''We are one of the friendliest couples this season,' he continued.


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