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The plug for the principle hull of the new, 100% hydrofoiling trimaran will be polished to within an inch of its life after this spraying to remove the orange peel effect and any blemishes so that a perfect mould can be made ready for production. Very Special price for orders placed before it is possible to trial the boat (in April) with flexible contract.

Just received a great new video clip from the new owner of TARDIS, the CATRI 24 that I sailed back from Latvia in 2005.

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"Other boats would be hobby-horsing." On the Sunday it was not so windy and Jon appeared bright and early, keen for another trial in different conditions.

It was force 3 and dry, so we got the gennaker out and almost made 20 knots! He was thrilled and is going to buy a 27R for use in Auckland, racing and cruising with his family. To get to Brest now for our rendevous date will entail sailing every day, something that we know is possible but which puts us under pressure and it is when press-on-itis sets in that disasters happen.

He also felt it to be very strong and rigid, not at all a "worrying" boat.

He had absolute confidence in it, even as I was letting off the main to reduce power.

We set off at a mere 3 knots when I had calculated on 6 so we had to use the engine to get to Bardsey Sound in time for slack water.

This pushed our progress against the slackening tide up to 7 knots.Jon has been researching the CATRI for a while so I was delighted, when out in a seaway, to hear him say that it exceeded his expectations.We were doing 17 knots in 1.5m waves and because it was raining we were soaked through. " he exclaimed, as he tested it beyond the limits that he had expected to.I need to clean her after her spell on a mooring at Abersoch and check her over.Call me on 07985 043 981 if you want a demonstration and we can look at the forthcoming weather, next week.We missed an opportunity to get away from Porth Dinllaen last night as we were on a bus returning from Pwllheli, via Abersoch & Pwllheli again for good measure at the time we could have been sailing round Bardsey Island as the wind has eased.


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