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Its Russian developer, defended it in the Wall Street Journal, saying its “intention was simply to help people discover public venues nearby.” When I attended Sx SW, I noticed an app from a Japanese company called Face Match, that supposedly lets your signal to someone on Facebook that you would like to get to know them better.I am not sure how it works since its website it pretty vague.Please Rob Me was probably the first such application to cause widespread concern.

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Flikdate Similar to Skyecandy’s Video Dating feature, Flikdate is for people who only have time and patience for “the fastest date in the world.” Mainly a speed-dating tool for your mobile phone, Flikdate is a cute and fun app that does away with having to compose lengthy dating profiles and waiting for a chat or email response from someone you’re interested in; signup is pretty instantaneous and you immediately are able to chat with prospective dates.

You can talk to a maximum of 25 people a day through the app, for a maximum of 90 seconds each – a great time limit if you want to cut the crap and see right off the bat if you hit it off with someone (this is operating on the idea that you get to see what the person is like when they are under pressure).

Does your perfect match like Shakespeare or Harry Potter? It joins the growing phenomenon of “generalist” online dating services such as Lavalife, Plentyoffish and Ok Cupid, and niche sites such as Tastebuds (for music lovers), How About We, Cupidtino (the Mac inspired dating site) and Beautiful People (for gorgeous people only).

Dating site, geared to connecting book lovers according to their particular tastes in reading material, has recently entered the online match-up market.

You can jot down notes and attach them to every video date you have so you can remember conversation highlights later on and also send a quick P. The Dating and Social Tabs help you find people within an age range, a specific location, and a list of parameters (you can define under My Type) as well as forge connections with people of a certain lifestyle, from a certain community or organization, even those who are looking for business contacts.

VIP members can find out who has viewed their profile.

The owners of the site were trying to make a point about over sharing.

More recently a crop of online dating and meetup “services” have been released that have given rise to concern about personal safety.

Sherman says the potential for the site is enormous: There are a lot of people who love to read and love sharing a good book with others. “That’s why people write their names on the inside cover,” says Horgan.

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Sherman, based in Boston, is convinced such niche sites are the future.“The generalist sites are too generic,” he says. Everybody loves travel and red wine,” he adds, in a yadda yadda yadda voice. You have to slog through a million people before you get lucky.”But when you date by the book, you’ve seriously narrowed your focus, says Sherman. They are an active pursuit compared to music or movies which are passive,” adds Sherman. They start the conversation.” In fact, members are more inclined to extol the virtues of a book than their own unique qualities.

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