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"The most common question we are fielding from investors is whether what looks like a newfound affinity for acquisitions is a sign of slowing core growth," said Citigroup analyst Walter Pritchard in a research report.

"Our key question is whether CEO Marc Benioff is now on a quest to build the foundation for billion in revenue, which would involve further acquisitions and potentially a departure from disciplined, largely organic growth that included margin expansion." Salesforce posted revenue of .67 billion for its fiscal year ended Jan. Keith Bachmann, an analyst at BMO Capital Markets, says expectations are low heading into the fiscal Q2 earnings report, which will include 19 days of Demandware's financials.

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I was not expecting to the intensity of this experience.

“Some of the distractions and some of the ferocity, I was a little blind-sided by on a personal level.” Sarah Mc Bride, national press secretary for the not-for-profit Human Rights Coalition told : “Actions speak louder than words.

Ivanka will be directing her efforts on passing child care tax credit in Congress, as well as a push for paid family leave to be included in the new budget plan.

Additionally, she has also signalled her intention to push for ending human trafficking, and in June held a roundtable meeting attended by both Democrats and Republicans, in which a key topic of discussion was how to end the practice.

In July, acquired startup Quip for about $582 million in stock, stepping up competition with Microsoft (MSFT).

And in June, Salesforce announced it was buying e-commerce platform Demandware for billion.Either Ivanka is ineffective in her advocacy within the building, or her voice doesn’t matter to the President as much as she hopes it does.” The President’s daughter is reportedly focusing her attention on topics where she and her husband have had some success.The duo prevented Donald Trump from signing an Executive Order which would have pulled back current protections of LGBTQ rights in the workplace.One woman was a “low-talker,” another had “man-hands,” one used Jerry’s toothbrush, another had a weird toe.These women got the axe because they didn’t meet the impossible standards of these neurotic characters.However, despite her conversations and meetings with several foreign powers, her influence in the White House is on unsteady ground, aides told Politico.


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