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Even Barbie and Ken have a tough time finding real love.Plastic surgery addicts Justin Jedlica, 35, and Pixee Fox, 26, became inseparable friends after their mutual obsession with cosmetic procedures proved an obstacle in their romantic lives.Zahra’s mother, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, said male officers had threatened the girls with pepper spray to get them into the car, while female officers hit them and pulled their hair. “When I entered the room, they were saying that these girls are not children any more and should wear proper clothes.

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Women found to have their hair or bodies inadequately covered can be publicly admonished, warned, fined or even arrested, while vigilantes are also active.

Iranians attempting to resist the draconian enforcement patrols started a phone app called “Gershad” to report their locations last year, but authorities in Tehran went on to deploy a new unit of 7,000 officers.

There were really no other issues concerning my friends and I.” ​Zahra and the other girls were released after being made to sign written pledges that they would not wear the trousers again and adhere to Iran’s strict interpretation of “modest” dress codes in the future.

“I still carry the bruises sustained from their beatings on my face,” she said.

The internet has increasingly moved into the firing line for the country’s government, which claims to base its legal code on Islamic sharia law.

There have also been frequent crackdowns on social media, with several women arrested last year for sharing “vulgar” photos on Instagram, including one who was made to issue a public apology on state television.

is not identifying for fear she may suffer reprisals, was celebrating her birthday with friends last week when a patrol of “morality police” pulled up.

The teenager said officers tried to force her and her friends into their car in the city of Shiraz, beating them when they resisted.

The chiseled human doll boasts self-designed back implants as well as implants in his shoulder, cheek and bicep. Fox and Jedlica met while filming a TV show in Las Vegas together and said they “love the attention” they attract when hitting the town like Barbie and Ken.

Fox, who admired Jedlica from his various media appearances before getting to meet her idol in person, calls her love “plastic.” “He gave me surgery tips, and had been through the same journey.

We’re often judged for our looks, and we instantly bonded,” Fox said.


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