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Meanwhile, the Value of “practice” comes from the yogic phrase “practice and all is coming.” Which is to say that all the lovely things I’d love to experience in my life, like a life-partner and family, will come from fully (aka fully experiencing and enjoying this present moment).

This Values-based intention can now help guide me to the next positive action – even when my ego swirls up all sorts of unhelpful drama.

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But before we get personal, I wanted to remind you… I’m doing two free, live (online) Intention Setting Workshops (one this Wednesday and one next week).

As I’ve shared on The Lively Show, the next round of Life With Intention Online starts in just a few weeks.

October 4, 2011: Split rumors swirl again, but this time, they're true. that the couple have called it quits the very same day reports pop up about Blake spending quality time in Boston with Ryan Reynolds.

episodes, Blake was dating [Leonardo] at the time, and she had this thing where she had a doll that she took photos of that she sent to Leo.” “Blake was way ahead of the curve,” he continued. She was documenting her life in photographs in a way that people were not yet doing.” Blake and Leo dated for about five months in 2011.

I dated a guy who didn’t treat me well in high school and aside from an early relationship in college, formal dating wasn’t really a thing back then.

Then, in my last semester of college, I found a lovely boyfriend who I was with happily for three and a half years. Lively eight weeks after that break up – as friends initially – which flowed into a relationship and eventually a wonderful marriage.

We thought Blake Lively might be the one to tame Leonardo Di Caprio's single-guy ways, but it looks like this summer love couldn't stand the changing seasons.

The gorgeous twosome, who first stepped out together at the Cannes film festival, have officially called it quits. A source says distance and timing caused the split, though once upon a time the pair seemed perfectly in sync. Romance rumors first began swirling on a yacht in the south of France...

It wants to have a firm plan in mind when it comes to dating people – whether I date “just to have fun” or to “find the one” it is desperately seeking out some sort of over the situation. To help myself navigate this confusing conflict between the beliefs and emotions of the ego and intuition, I’m creating a new Values-based intention for my dating life to stay rooted in my Values: “To which talks about the power of cultivating a rich life (aka “kitchen”) filled with self-love and love for others that gives freely and openly to everyone without neediness or striving to get that “food” of love from others.

The author, Miguel Ruiz, goes on to say that when our own kitchens are depleted of self-generated love and appreciation, we tend to seek that love “food” from others — and are often willing to accept “stinky pizza” from others simply because we are starving.

This time, they were snapped on an eco-friendly romantic bike ride in New York City.


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