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30 August – 26 November 2017 In 2012, Akram Zaatari (b.

1966, Lebanon) brought together a collection of 48 portraits, including brides and grooms, taken by Hashem el Madani in the 1960s–70s at the Studio Shehrazade in Lebanon in (2012).

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"They're dead because of something they had absolutely no role in ...

They died because of some demented, twisted politics." Fares says it would be wrong to call the victims martyrs.

Her second course: six fresh, blue crabs piled on a mound of greens and bathed in a clear broth. Also watching the 32-year-old consume copious quantities of food that night: several thousand fans.

On a Sunday evening last month, I watched her gobble up $300 worth of prime beef, alongside an armful of grilled zucchini, mushroom, pepper, eggplant and pumpkin.

He gave me dignity, pride, and respect." Fares says when similar bombings occurred in Beirut in years past, Lebanese were quick to view the events through the prism of sectarian politics.

"The street is still divided by political and sectarian lines, but this time around the sense is that these are people, period," Fares says.

Park, who goes by the nickname ‘The Diva,’ is one of South Korea’s top culinary bloggers.

Nearly every day, she prepares and eats her outsized evening meal in her home studio, live-broadcasting for up to four hours at a time.

She is selling the same thing that television shows have been peddling for years: fantasy.


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