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It hit #5 on the pop chart (and #1 on the R&B chart) and was the catalyst for an impressive run of smash hits that would inspire the icons above and leave an indelible mark on music.

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With STM both CF and BBT have to agree and are cross checked against each other for you to determine your fertility status each day.

Natural Cycles is a BBT-only fertility monitor method.

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It’s damn near impossible to whittle the list down to 10, so feel free to complain in the comments as usual. It’s hard to name many early rock ‘n’ rollers that steal from Berry, so this will be a common motif in this list.

The Beach Boys didn’t really try to hide their thievery at all; they had already used plenty of Berry’s material, incorporating it into their live sets.On the days the method indicates you are fertile, you either abstain from sex or you use an Intercourse Dependent Birth Control (IDBC), also known as having “protected sex” (such as condoms, etc.), to avoid pregnancy.If you are trying to conceive, then you focus your timing of sex on the days the method indicates you are fertile.(2017) If you’ve been thinking about signing up with Natural Cycles for natural birth control or to help you conceive, then here’s a discount to try it out for a year.Natural Cycles uses the individual biomarker, or fertility sign, of Basal Body Temperature (BBT) along with their proprietary algorithm to determine your fertility status each day.You just take your temperature with your BBT thermometer at the same time each morning when you first when you first wake up and enter that temp into the Natural Cycles app.

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